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NFL Player, Aqib Talib

AqibTalib Bryan Wilks Freeform

The “No Fly Zone” was historic and their stats showed it. The 2015 defense ranked 1st in yards/game (283.1 yards), passing yards/game (199.6), total sacks (52), 3rd in the NFL against the run (83.6), 4th in scoring (18.5), and No. 3 in defensive touchdowns (5). Selected in 2018 as a winner in the 55th Annual American Graphic Design Awards Competition, presented by Graphic Design USA.

Odell Beckham Jr. 

Mobile application that allows fans to connect to OBJ directly. Integrates live stream, geo fencing, game analysis, and live chat. The official app of Odell Beckham Jr. Developed exclusively by Freeform. 

OSU Football

The Ultimate Summer Giveaway featuring Coach Gundy and Jill Donavan with Rustic Cuff. In 2017 OSU Football had a sell out season and broke the school record for most season tickets sold. This campaign is considered the most successful athletic campaign in the schools history.

Academy Sports

Freeform Agency Academy Sports

Academy is One of North America's largest sports retailers with 250+ locations. Academy sells a wide range of quality hunting, fishing and camping equipment, patio sets and barbecue grills, along with sports and recreation products. Freeform completed a comprehensive digital audit; customized assessment of user web and mobile experiences, platforms utilized, strategies employed and associated spend. Deliverables included a report of insights and observations designed to assist Academy understand how to leverage digital channels and effectively meet strategic goals.

ESPN 30 FOR 30

Professional Soccer

Maurice Clarett & Bryan Wilks
Bryan Wilks Freeform

"Youngstown Boys" explores class and power dynamics in college sports through the parallel, interconnected journeys of one-time dynamic running back Maurice Clarett and former elite head coach Jim Tressel. Clarett and Tressel emerged from opposite sides of the tracks in Youngstown, Ohio, and then joined for a magical season at Ohio State University in 2002 that produced the first national football championship for the school in over 30 years. Shortly thereafter, though, Clarett was suspended from college football and began a downward spiral that ended with a prison term. Tressel continued at Ohio State for another eight years before his career there also ended in scandal.

OPSM is an all-in-one solution software to better enhance  consumers' experiences during their pursuit of their goal. OPSM seeks to enhance our subscription services (college, prospect) in order for scalability within the organization. Key elements of the build would be different features that will be added during specific stages of the company's growth.  




Swiss Lagguage

Bryan Wilks Freeform

Vitra is a Swiss family-owned furniture and design business for over 80 years. Vitra boasts a well respected international presence and an extensive Swiss campus with buildings designed by the worlds leading architects. Freeform designed and developed a US focused portal and product selector that provided for user education, brand awareness and a highlight of quick-ship products. Freeform also integrated this digital component into Vitra's existing architecture and implemented full-scale automated marketing campaigns tailored for designers, retailers and end-users.

Swiss Luggage provides design for world travelers. The quality of the products meets highest standards. Technical innovation, premium materials and user experience: they put Swiss Luggage in the position of an industry leader when it comes to baggage systems. Freeform completed a digital redesign and custom enterprise website environment.


Paragon Films

PPC Packaging


Freeform completed a digital redesign and custom enterprise website environmentSince 1988, Paragon, a Rhone Private Equity Company, proudly delivers efficient, sustainable, and economical stretch film products—unparalleled in performance, value, quality and consistency. With plants strategically located in Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Washington, we provide dedicated service to all 50 states, as well as Canada, Mexico, South America and a number of international locations across a wide variety of industries.

Freeform completed a digital redesign and custom enterprise website environment. PPC, headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL, is a leader in flexographic printing and converting of flexible films, bags and pouches. It is a recognized pioneer in cleanroom packaging for healthcare and medical applications, snack and organic brands, specialty produce, pet, nutraceutical, bakery and horticulture markets. The firm operates ten manufacturing facilities in Buffalo Grove, IL, Mission, KS, Rome, GA, Payson, UT, Pewaukee WI, Colombia, South America, McKinney, TX, Alliance, OH, North Salt Lake, UT and Hartland, WI. Its facilities are AIB, SQF and ISO-9001 certified. Founded in 1968, PPC strives to provide the highest quality products with best-in-class lead times to service emerging and established brands.

The Crosby Group 

E&I Sales


Freeform completed a digital redesign and custom e-commerce platform. The Crosby Group is a global leader in the innovation, manufacturing and distribution of products and services used to make lifting and load securement safer and more efficient, with premier brands such as Crosby, Gunnebo Industries, Crosby Straightpoint, Crosby BlokCam, Acco, McKissick, Crosby Feubo, Trawlex, Lebus, and CrosbyIP. With global engineering, manufacturing, distribution and operations, the company provides a broad range of products and solutions for the most demanding applications with uncompromising quality that exceed industry standards

Established in 1974, E & I is a 2nd generation Electric Motor Distributor, Custom UL Control Packager, and System Integrator. The key focus is to always offer something unique and valuable to the market. Dedication to sustained high levels of customer service, cutting-edge technology, and creative solutions. Freeform completed a digital redesign and custom enterprise website environment.

S&R Compression 

Specific Systems

Bryan Wilks Freeform
Bryan Wilks Freeform

Freeform successfully developed and launched a full digital automation platform. S&R Compression, a George Kaiser Company, is a premier fabricator of compression and vapor recovery packages used in the oil and gas industry. S&R is dedicated to fabricating a consistently reliable unit with outstanding run times and performance. Our difference is in the details. Our devotion is to giving our customers the best. Our STAR Vapor Recovery line meets the high expectations our customers have become accustom to. Product, Service, Expertise

Bryan Wilks Freeform

Freeform successfully developed and launched a full digital automation platform. Specific Systems®, a George Kaiser Company, is the leader in HVAC systems for industrial applications and serves the needs of petrochemical, telecommunications, military, and other difficult environments. Specific Systems® engineers and manufactures the most durable and reliable industrial environmental control systems in the industry. We offer innovative products and provide customer service that surpass the industry standard. The company has over 100 employees in its two locations, and maintains an excellent safety record.


EzCab Builder

Freeform assisted in the build, using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) following automated flight plans, our experienced network of pilots collect comprehensive data on your entire compound, all in one visit. Fast. Easy. Convenient. 360-degree, photographic tour of all compounds on Site down to the centimeter using our SiteView. Image Capture feature, with the ability to capture crystal-clear HD images of Sites at any angle.

Software As A Service

Site 360

3D elevator interior builder created to enable users to design a fully customizable cab interior. This interactive tool eliminates significant time and cost for the users and provides for the necessary specifications and obtaining an expedited quote. In addition, the builder was integrated into the company's existing digital presence and fully automated marketing campaigns.

AirBook One

Airbook One allows consumers to simply enter their travel information and search aircraft options directly, all from the convenience of their mobile phone, tablets or desktop. All price quotes provided are accurate and can be locked-in immediately. In addition, AIRBOOK ONE offers all users access to a 24/7 complimentary premium Flight Concierge Team via email, chat, or phone to ensure a seamless experience.

Launched the first and only statistical analysis system that incorporates a proprietary algorithm to provide consumers with the most appropriate private aviation solution based upon their specific needs and facilitates personal introductions to the private aviation companies with whom they are systemically matched. The website is a revolutionary tool that uses the proprietary Axis 1 algorithm to find the best private jet membership or ownership option for consumers based on specific needs and preferences.

Powerful form builder 

Zakipoint Health

Bryan Wilks Freeform

Freeform is the most intuitive and powerful form building plugin for Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine CMS. Freeform’s form builder is quick, intuitive, flexible, and works well with the tools you already use. Freeform comes equipped with everything you need to create and preview simple or complex multi-page forms. Some of Freeform’s features include an intuitive layout editor, popular framework examples, automated templates, and much more.

Yummly A Whirlpool Company

A best-in-class platform, reporting, and engagement tools to empower employers, benefits consultants, and third-party administrators to bend the cost curve. Using advanced technology, companies have reduced their healthcare risks by 20% and achieved a 3% cost savings on their healthcare spend. The software identifies risks, drive action, connect with members, and track success, empowering companies to reduce risks and costs, and create healthier, more engaged members.

Fifth Wheel

Mobile Apps
Bryan Wilks Freeform

With over 2 million downloads Yummly's proprietary Food Genome and patent-pending Food Intelligence technology allow Yummly to understand recipes at a deeper level, and recommend recipes to users based on their diets, allergies, tastes, and more.

JCT Logistics Fifth Wheel helps shipping carriers track loads. Custom developed by Freeform this application connects drivers via an algorithm governed by API's directly to JCT Logistics for simple load and document tracking.


Sadie Robertson

Allows users to find their legislators Google's Civic API: . Works off address more precise than zip code alone, which matters for some districts), Covers federal, state, and local representatives. It also has upcoming election info, e.g. candidate data and polling locations. For state-level legislation, there's the Open States API:

For federal-level legislation, there's Sunlight / ProPublica API:

Sadie Robertson’s Official iPhone Application featuring live streaming, exclusive videos, pictures, and more. Stay connected in one place to Sadie’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube feeds. Allowing Duck Dynasty fans to get push notification updates on her tour dates, event information, DIY, and Motivational video shorts.

Cost Analysis 

PGA Shot By Shot

Bryan Wilks Freeform
Bryan Wilks Freeform

 This B2B app increase sales communication with first-class customer reports. Convenient filing system for saved cut & weighs. App can be used without Internet connectivity. Real time reporting/Custom reporting. Sustainability reporting. Automatic login (no username and
password required). Crisp and clean design

Rabbitcards is the first free to play golf game that uses PGA Tour Shotlink data to allow users to compete for prizes in closest to the pin contests. Whether at a PGA Tour event or at home, Rabbitcard users get the chance to test their ability to predict the accuracy of the best golfers in the world on their favorite mobile device.

Bryan Wilks Freeform

With over 60,000 square feet of retail space, B-Sew Inn is committed to offering customers quality sewing, embroidery, and quilting products, superior services, inspiring education, and incredible values, allowing all levels of sewing enthusiasts to expand their individual passion for creativity. As the world's largest Baby Lock retailer, Freeform built an integrated E-Commerce platform that offers a wide range of products from entry-level machines to fully computerized quilting and embroidery machines. In addition to outstanding Baby Lock products, B-Sew Inn offers customers a wonderful selection of other products to make your creative experience more enjoyable, including Anita Goodesign embroidery products, Floriani Software & Stabilizers, Koala Sewing Furniture, and much more.

Bryan Wilks Freeform

In 1948, Grant Hastings produced the first Hasty Bake Charcoal Grill. As one of the original manufacturers of the "backyard barbecue," Hastings was a pioneer in the industry. Specifically, Hasty Bake introduced the first portable unit, the first hooded unit, and a new method of cooking using indirect heat. Hastings' design controlled the intensity of heat by using vents, a heat deflector, a ventless hood and an adjustable fire box, revolutionizing the method in which food was cooked. All Hasty Bake Charcoal Grills are manufactured and assembled in Tulsa, OK since 1948. With thousands of products, Freeform built an integrated E-Commerce platform that offers a wide range of products for clients.

Bryan Wilks Freeform

Bryan Wilks Freeform

Freeform is the official E-commerce supplier for Duck Commander, both the brand of a duck call and the name of the company in West Monroe, Louisiana, United States. The company manufactures these calls and other duck-hunting merchandise, as well as deer-hunting merchandise under the Buck Commander brand and turkey-hunting merchandise under the Strut Commander brand.


Freeform is the official E-Commerce provider for Oklahoma State Athletics. Oklahoma State fans purchased season tickets in record numbers. In 2017 Cowboy football fans purchased 50,354 season tickets in 56,790-seat Boone Pickens Stadium to surpass the existing record of 50,223 set in 2013 and broke the 98.2 percent of capacity.


Electrostatic Sprayer 

Bryan Wilks Freeform

Clear-View Packaging System

Bryan Wilks Freeform

Create a suite of packaging for disinfecting sprayer products. All products fall under the same branding, but with different applications (backpack, handheld sprayer, & fogger). Feature the superior engineering of the products on the primary display panels visually. Highlight the benefits of the products & excellence of service with custom illustrations and icons on the side panels. In partnership with Freeform Agency.

The Freeform invention has major implications for the global multi-billion dollar major appliance industry. The patented clear-view Freeform packaging system includes at least one strip of banding for securing the bottom tray, the product and the top tray together wherein a lifting member of a lift vehicle can be positioned between at least one of the plurality of edge portions of the top tray and the product so that the product can be lifted and transported.

John Christner Trucking 


Long Haul Life 

Bryan Wilks Freeform

John Christner Trucking is the largest North American refrigerated trucking company. Freeform built automation to remove routine tasks (like checklist validation and application routing) from a recruiter’s day and refocus their energies on high-value activities best suited for people, like driver engagement and retention efforts

Screenshot 1-8-22 at 4.17.59 PM.png

Created white label brand with a wide range of digital marketing practices. Implement comprehensive Omni-channel, a lead nurturing and user engagement approach in which we give access to products, offers, and support services to our customers or prospects on all channels, platforms, and devices.

National Elections & Issues 


Local Elections & Issues 

Bryan Wilks

Freeform built a custom national voting model that clusters personality traits into distinctions across cultures and across time. Those features of the model are what make it actually useful for profiling individuals, in contrast to some other popular psychological profiles such as the Myers-Briggs system. From there we used our algorithms to target, architect, deploy, and measure for high profile elections

Freeform built a custom and localized voting model that clusters personality traits into distinctions across cultures and across time. Those features of the model are what make it actually useful for profiling individuals, in contrast to some other popular psychological profiles such as the Myers-Briggs system. From there we used our algorithms to target, architect, deploy, and measure for high profile elections

Little Willie Records

Duck Dynasty 

Bryan Wilks

Inbound marketing experts Bryan Wilks (Freeform co-founder), David Meerman Scott, and Brian Halligan (Hubspot Founder) met up with Ronnie Dunn, the most decorated country musician of all time, to design new ways to deliver fans the music they want when they want it.

Duck Dynasty is an American reality television series that aired on A&E from 2012 to 2017. The series portrays the lives of the Robertson family, who became successful from their family-operated business, Duck Commander. The West Monroe, Louisiana business makes products for duck hunters, primarily a duck call called Duck Commander.


Rich & Cartmill Insurance

Eide Bailly

Bryan Wilks

Rich & Cartmill Insurance & Bonds is one of the largest, privately held Trusted Choice® independent agencies in the country with over 60 independent agents in the Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas areas have developed long-term relationships with countless customers. They work hard to foster those customer relationships. Freeform successfully developed and launched a full digital automation platform

Freeform successfully developed and launched a full digital automation platform. .Eide Bailly is a top 25 CPA and consulting firm helping the middle market grow and thrive. The firm offers services in the areas of audit and assurance, cost segregation, employee benefits, forensic and valuation, risk and tax advisory, technology consulting, transaction services and wealth management. Eide Bailly caters to industries such as business product services, consumer product services, energy, financial services, information technology, healthcare, material and resources, manufacturing, cleantech, infrastructure, gaming, and cybersecurity.

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